Welcome to the SUARA COMMUNITY FILMMAKING programme!

The Malay word for “voice”, the SUARA programme is all about celebrating Borneo’s cultural and natural heritage. Our stories, our image and our voice!

There are two components to SUARA:

SUARA KOMUNITI is our year-long community filmmaking programme where we work with indigenous and local communities to harness the power of film to tell their stories with their own images and in their own voice. Our team of SUARA trainers conducts village-level workshops to share filmmaking skills to enable indigenous and local communities to develop community-made films.

SUARA PUBLIKA is a special series of public workshops and talks that is presented at the festival each year. SUARA PUBLIKA features leading environmental scientists and organisations, community-based organisations, storytellers and filmmakers who present exciting workshops and talks about some of the key cultural and environmental issues in Sabah, Borneo and Malaysia today.

Each year, indigenous and local community filmmakers from villages across Sabah will converge at the highlight festival to share their delightful and compelling stories with you!

Check out the videos these community filmmakers made during last year’s training course:

If you are an indigenous and/or local community filmmaker in Borneo and would like to be part of SUARA KOMUNITI, please contact: workshops@beff.org.my.

If you are a filmmaker, conservationist or environmental advocate who is knowledgable about the issues related to Borneo, and would like to present a workshop or talk at SUARA PUBLIKA, please contact: info@beff.org.my.