Jago: A Life Underwater

Title: Jago: A Life Underwater (2015)
Duration: 45 min
Date: Fri, 22nd September 2017
Time: 1730hrs (5:30pm)
Venue: Suria Sabah Shopping Mall (5th Floor, Event Hall)


Tajuk Filem / Title: Jago: A Life Underwater
Jenis / Type: Documentary
Tahun / Year: 2015
Negara Asal / Country: UK / Indonesia
Tempoh Tayangan / Duration: 45 min
Bahasa / Sarikata: Bahasa Indonesia with BM and English subtitles
Pengarah Filem/ Penerbit / Director / Producer: James Reed (Director/Producer), James Morgan (Director/Camera)

JAGO: A LIFE UNDERWATER is the story of Rohani – an 80 year-old hunter who hobbles around on land but who dives like a fish on a single breath, descending to great depths for several minutes to stalk his prey like a true underwater predator. From a ramshackle hut on the Sulawesi sea, this yoda-like old man tells his story, recreated on 4k with the most beautiful images of the Bajau ever captured.