Gaza Surf Club

Title: Gaza Surf Club (2016)
Duration: 87 min
Date: Fri, 13th October
Time: 2000hrs (8:00pm)
Venue: Black Box KK, 8th Floor, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
Co-hosted by BEFF and Sabah Surfing Association
Supported by Sri Pelancongan Sabah


Tajuk Filem / Title: Gaza Surf Club
Jenis / Type: Documentary
Tahun / Year: 2016
Negara Asal / Country: Germany / Palestine
Tempoh Tayangan / Duration: 87 min
Bahasa / Sarikata: English and Arabic with English and BM subtitles
Pengarah Filem/ Penerbit / Director / Producer: Philip Gnadt and Mickey Yamine (Directors)

Trapped in “the world’s largest open-air prison” and ruled by war, a new generation is drawn to the beaches. Sick of occupation and political gridlock, they find their own personal freedom in the waves of the Mediterranean – they are the surfers of Gaza.