1Minute Nature

Title: 1Minute Nature (2016)
Duration: 4 min
Date: Sat, 23rd September 2017
Time: 1100hrs (11:00am)

Title: 1Minute Nature (2016)
Duration: 4 min
Date: Sun, 24th September 2017
Time: 2100hrs (9:00pm)
Venue: Suria Sabah Shopping Mall (5th Floor, Event Hall)


Tajuk Filem / Title: 1Minute Nature
Jenis / Type: Documentary / Animation
Tahun / Year: 2016
Negara Asal / Country: The Netherlands
Tempoh Tayangan / Duration: 4 min
Bahasa / Sarikata: English with BM subtitles
Pengarah Filem/ Penerbit / Director / Producer: Stefanie Visjager


In short, imaginative animated documentaries, children talk about their relationship with nature. One girl has birds of prey, and sometimes goes cycling with her barn owl. A boy explains how he dissects dead beetles, because he is curious to know how animals work inside. 1Minutes were originally made as radio documentaries, so audio is still the foundation. Interviews have been edited to create an uninterrupted narrative, and we hear the children’s voices off camera. The visual images also combine fact and fiction, with photos of an everyday object acting as a backdrop for drawn characters. A bicycle valve becomes a lampshade, and the saddle later features as a cycle path. At the start of each film, we hear the name of the child and see his or her photograph.